Korat & Thai Rescues


Occasionally, older Korats and Thais come up for rehoming for various reasons.

The K&TCA would appreciate a voluntary donation to the club funds for use in other welfare cases when a cat is rehomed.

Are you the right home for Boo-Boo?
Four year old male neuter Korat
desperately needs a new forever home – Can you help?

Boo-Boo aka Blue is a very handsome and extremely playful Korat who needs a very loving and stable home where he is the only cat. He may adapt to other cats who are older, but not to younger cats, or dogs. He also needs free access to the outdoors where he can explore and play safely.

Boo-boo or Blue, as he was called previously, has had a chequered past and needs a consistent forever home with someone, a couple or a family who are able, willing and have the time to play with him a lot.

He is four years old and has had no health problems. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped and of course house-trained.

We will be very sad to part with Boo-boo, but if the perfect kind and loving home can be found for him, where he can be entertained royally, we will be thrilled.

A reasonable donation to club funds will be required.
Thank you.

Please call Angela on 07971 046320 or email: angela@dmclawyers.com





If you have a cat which needs rehoming please notify the webmaster.

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